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Prophecies for 2022

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I Corinthians 4:9; Exodus 15:11; Job 9:10; John 3:8;

  1. It’s a year where serious prayers are needed to confront the fruits of this pandemic.
  2. It’s a year of aggressive engagement of the enemy in violent warfare.
  3. A year of terrible temptations.
  4. A year of deep distresses that only the Balm of Gilead can solve.
  5. It is going to be a year of strange rebellion and strange conspiracy.
  6. It is going to be a year where John 10:10 will play out aggressively. The thief cometh not but for to steal, kill and destroy.
  7. Unless we pray very well, there will be break down of structures and protest.
  8. It’s a year of wilderness wandering and vagabond.
  9. It will be a year of multiple magnifying problems.
  10. Anyone who have come from polygamous set up should pray very well in 2021 because the negative effect of that polygamy will be hugely dramatised.
  11. It is a year of programmed controversy.
  12. A year of the rage of the waters; we need to pray against it.
  13. A year where there shall be strange environmental disasters; we should pray against it.
  14. It’s a year of very strange confrontations.
  15. It will be a year of satanically inspired battles and war. The beautiful thing is that, all these things can be arrested on the altar of prayers.
  16. The Almighty God Himself wants this year to be a year of emotional and mental refreshing for those who key into it.
  17. The hissing and biting of envious enemies of children of God shall backfire.
  18. It’s a year that you must seek for divine encounter. You must allow the words of Job 42:5 to happen in your life.
  19. It’s a year for cleansing our households of idols and abominations.
  20. A year we need to raise altars and call upon the name of the Lord frequently.
  21. It’s a year where if you do your restitutions, it will pay dividends. If you have restitution to make, make it quickly.
  22. As people are getting closer to God and praying, it will be a year of multiple divine appearances.
  23. It is going to be a year where sacrifices and obedience will be tested.
  24. It’s a year where investing your skills and creativity wisely will yield multiple dividends to you.
  25. It’s a year of the 7Ds - Desire, Determination, Despair, Discipleship, Discernment, Deliverance and Dominion.
  26. It is going to be a year of chastening of the sons and humbling of the proud.
  27. It’s a year to avoid these seven (7) spiritual assassins which the enemy is going to set out for that year: Selfishness, Pride, Parental Disobedience, Lack of holiness, Unforgiveness, Stubbornness and Prayerlessness.
  28. It will be a year of mighty miracles for many.
  29. A year you must develop your talents and deploy your gifts to serve the Lord.
  30. It’s a year that there is a divine mandate to raise generations of prophetic evangelists and raise up prophets among the youth. Key yourself into it. (This is for the young ones; young men and women).
  31. It is also a year where the Lord intends to raise young Esther’s to work in social, civil and public services and make a mark for God.
  32. For many of us, it will be a year of triumph over our troubles.
  33. It is a year of Goshen. The Lord will put a difference between those who are serving Him and those who are not serving Him. It is also a year of back to Bethel where you see the appearance of the Lord and the ladders.
  34. It’s a year we need to pray seriously that God will invade our nation such that if we continue to pray that prayer, it will yield multiple dividends for our nation.


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