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Prophecies for 2023

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Romans 8:19; Psalm 92:10; Psalm 84:7; 2 Corinthians 3:8;

  1. This year is a year to wage a very serious war against the spirit of procrastination.
  2. This is a year when the flesh must be mortified if you want to avoid trouble.
  3. It is going to be a year of recovery and turn around restoration to so many people.
  4. A year when God will humble the proud who think they have it all.
  5. It is a year when serious prayers against violent revolutions and overthrows are required.
  6. It is a year of strange war against your attention; avoid distractions. There will be a mental, emotional, health, spiritual, and physical war. The enemy will try to attack in every manner.
  7. We need to pray against strange attacks from the waters.
  8. A year we need serious prayers against the spirit of lack and famine.
  9. A year of divine judgement against wicked and corrupt leaders.
  10. This is a year where God will break His silence to deal with evil and wickedness.
  11. A year where a lot of uncompleted destiny projects will be completed this year.
  12. This is a Psalm 23 year; the year where those who rely on God will boast about their God.
  13. A year believers should pray and break embargoes and dismantle evil monopolies.
  14. A year of the disgrace of fake, hypocritical, and powerless religions.
  15. A year the Lord will dismantle mighty men who stand in the way of God.
  16. The Lord will fight like a Mighty Terrible One to deliver His children.
  17. A year where it is extremely dangerous for the sheep to stray from the shepherd and for you to discard good advice.
  18. A year of judgement for those who convert the altars of prayer to dens of thieves.
  19. A year of judgement for those who wickedly take innocent blood. Mark those words.
  20. A year of correction, confrontation, and change for those who want to move forward.
  21. A year of joy for couples waiting on the Lord for babies.
  22. A year of regret of judgement for ritual killers and their activities shall backfire.
  23. A year of tragedy for youths who refuse to exhibit sexual control.
  24. A year where testimonies will drive much of the next move of God.
  25. A year to form the habit of seeking and receiving help from heaven.
  26. Two books of the Bible are essential for this year. Take time and study them. One Is Psalm 23, and the other Is Isaiah.
  27. A Psalm 23 year for those standing for God.
  28. A year we must seriously pray that the mercy of God will push back the judgement stretched out against our world by heaven.
  29. We must pray against the miscarriage of God's will in this season.
  30. A year to key into Isaiah.
  31. For those who are 100% obedient to God, a year of comfort and glory.


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