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Welcome to the online portal of the Mountain of Fire & Miracles International, the UK arm of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide.

We are a groundbreaking non-denominational fellowship committed to raising up an army of prayer warriors fully geared up to totally expose the activities of darkness preparatory to the coming of the end-time revival...

We are deeply committed to absolute holiness as the greatest spiritual germicide and as a pre-condition for heaven.

Our tested and proven D-I-Y approach to prayer warfare continues to provoke dumb-founding miracles and attract divine intervention in situations which hitherto had proven intractable. Testimonies abound as to the manifestation of the awesome greatness of the almighty God in our services.

MFM International as a hub supports a network of over 50 branches all over the UK, and provides administrative support and backing to an ever expanding web of branches in Europe.

We look forward to welcoming and championing you to victory in one of our services at any of our branches listed on these pages.

Your battle is the Lords!!!



Books by the GO

70 Days Prayer Book

70 Days Prayer Book

Watch Us on SKY

Watch us on SKY

Prayer Request

For prayer request please email:  PRAY4ME @ MOUNTAINOFFIRE.ORG.UK


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