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Publications by Dr. D. K. Olukoya

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Publications by Dr D.K Olukoya 

Below is a list of publications by the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Dr. D. K. Olukoya. Any of these books can be purchased online via MFM Books

  1. Be Prepared
  2. Breakthrough Prayers For Business Professionals (Available in French) 
  3. Brokenness
  4. Born Great, But Tied Down
  5. Can God Trust You?
  6. Criminals In The House of God
  7. Contending For The Kingdom
  8. Dealing With Local Satanic Technology
  9. Dealing With Witchcraft Barbers
  10. Dealing With Hidden Curses
  11. Dealing With The Evil Powers of Your Fathers House (Available in French)
  12. Dealing With Unprofitable Roots
  13. Deliverance: Gods Medicine Bottle
  14. Deliverance By Fire
  15. Deliverance From Spirit Husband And Spirit Wife (Available in French)
  16. Deliverance of The Conscience
  17. Deliverance of The Head
  18. Destiny Clinic
  19. Destroying The Evil Umbrella
  20. Drawers of Power From The Heavenlies
  21. Dominion Prosperity
  22. Evil Appetite
  23. Facing Both Ways
  24. Family Deliverance
  25. Fasting And Prayer
  26. Failure In The School Of Prayer
  27. Freedom From The Grip of Witchcraft
  28. From Adversity To Testimony
  29. For We Wrestle
  30. Holy Cry
  31. Holy Fever
  32. How To Obtain Personal Deliverance (Available in French)
  33. How To Pray When Surrounded By The Enemies
  34. Idols Of The Heart
  35. Is This What They Died For?
  36. Limiting God
  37. Meat For Champions
  38. Overpowering Witchcraft
  39. Paying The Evil Tithes
  40. Personal Spiritual Check-up
  41. Power Against Coffin Spirits
  42. Power Against Destiny Criminals
  43. Power Against Destiny Quenchers
  44. Power Against Dream Criminals
  45. Power Against Local Wickedness (Available in French)
  46. Power Against Marine Spirits
  47. Power Against Spiritual Terrorists
  48. Power For Explosive Success
  49. Power Must Change Hands
  50. Pray Your Way To Breakthroughs (Third Edition) (Available in French)
  51. Prayer Rain (Available in French)
  52. Prayer Strategies For Spinsters And Bachelors (Available in French)
  53. Prayers To Kill Enchantment and Divination
  54. Prayers To Move From Minimum To Maximum
  55. Prayer Warfare Against 70 Mad Spirits (Available in French)
  56. Prayers To Destroy Diseases And Infirmities (Available in French)
  57. Praying Against The Spirit of The Valley
  58. Praying To Dismantle Witchcraft
  59. Provocation At The Corridor of Breakthroughs
  60. Release From Destructive Covenants
  61. Revoking Evil Decrees (Available in French)
  62. Satanic Diversion Of The Black Race (Available in French)
  63. Silencing The Birds of Darkness
  64. Smite The Enemy And He Will Flee (Available in French)
  65. Spiritual Warfare And The Home (Available in French)
  66. Strategic Praying
  67. Strategy Of Warfare Praying
  68. Students In The School Of Fear
  69. Symptoms of Witchcraft Attacks
  70. Technical Prayers To Disgrace Local Goliath
  71. The Dangerous Highway
  72. The Enemy Has Done This
  73. The Evil Cry of Your Family Idol (Available in French)
  74. The Fire Of Revival
  75. The Great Deliverance
  76. The Internal Stumbling Block
  77. The Lord Is A Man Of War
  78. The Mystery of Seduction
  79. The Prayer Eagle
  80. The Problems of Incomplete Deliverance
  81. The Pursuit of Success
  82. The Seasons of Life
  83. The Star In Your Sky
  84. The Secrets of Greatness
  85. The Serpentine Enemies
  86. The Slow Learners
  87. The Snake in The Power House
  88. The Spirit Of The Crab
  89. The Tongue Trap
  90. The Way of Divine Encounter
  91. The Wealth Transfer Agenda
  92. The Vagabond Spirit (Available in French) 
  93. Unprofitable Foundations
  94. Victory Over Satanic Dreams (Second Edition) (Available in French)
  95. Violent Prayers Against Stubborn Situations (Available in French)
  96. War At The Edge of Breakthroughs
  97. When God Is Silent
  98. Wealth Must Change Hands
  99. When You Are Knocked Down
  100. Woman! Thou Art Loosed
  101. Your Battle and Your Strategy (Available in French)
  102. Your Foundation and Destiny
  103. Your Mouth and Your Deliverance
  104. Adura Agbayori (Yoruba Version of the Second Edition of Pray Your Way to Breakthroughs)
  105. Awon Adura Ti Nsi Oke Nidi (Yoruba Prayer Book)
  106. Prayers That Bring Miracles
  107. Let God Answer By Fire
  108. Prayers To Mount With Wings As Eagles
  109. Prayers That Bring Explosive Increase
  110. Prayers For Open Heavens
  111. Prayers To Make You Fulfill Your Divine Destiny
  112. Prayers That Make God To Answer and Fight By Fire
  113. Prayers That Bring Unchallengeable Victory and Breakthrough Rainfall Bombardments
  114. 70 Days Prayer & Fasting Book




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70 Days Prayer Book

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