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Department of Spiritual Red Cross

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MOTTO: "Trained to rescue.... " 2 Cor 1:3-4

This centre brings out the maximum in you through subjects taught in:
• the area of crisis counseling and management.
• effective communication and how to be a spiritual rescuer.
• handling fundamental issues and prayers.
• counseling in special areas and many more.


If you are not sure whether this course is for you, consider the following questions:

• Do you know how much your life affect others positively?
• Do you want your spouse to see you and know that the touch of God has definitely come upon you?
• Do you want to carry out the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ?
• Are you a manager? Have you learnt how to manage a life?
• Do you want to be a rescuer?


The School of Spiritual Red Cross is held at MFM Beacontree


Books by the GO

70 Days Prayer Book

70 Days Prayer Book

Watch Us on SKY

Watch us on SKY

Prayer Request

For prayer request please email:  PRAY4ME @ MOUNTAINOFFIRE.ORG.UK


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