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Department of Spiritual Red Cross

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MOTTO: "Trained to rescue.... " 2 Cor 1:3-4

This centre brings out the maximum in you through subjects taught in:
• the area of crisis counseling and management.
• effective communication and how to be a spiritual rescuer.
• handling fundamental issues and prayers.
• counseling in special areas and many more.


If you are not sure whether this course is for you, consider the following questions:

• Do you know how much your life affect others positively?
• Do you want your spouse to see you and know that the touch of God has definitely come upon you?
• Do you want to carry out the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ?
• Are you a manager? Have you learnt how to manage a life?
• Do you want to be a rescuer?


The School of Spiritual Red Cross is held at MFM Beacontree


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Watch us on SKY

Prayer Request

For prayer request please email:  PRAY4ME @ MOUNTAINOFFIRE.ORG.UK


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